Why is land investment in Brisbane so hot this year?

Updated 08 October 2021
Global asset allocation continues to heat up, Australia becomes the first choice
  1. The safest country in the world when the disaster broke out

During the global epidemic, when people in other countries suffer from the epidemic, the Australian government implements the strictest social control policy. This series of control policies has made Australia the new crown epidemic effectively suppressed, and it has become the safest country in the world at the time of the outbreak.

After the global epidemic is under control, more and more international immigrants regard Australia as the first choice for overseas immigrants. The reason why Australia is attractive to many overseas immigrants is not only because of the effective government control measures during the epidemic, but also because of its superior living environment and favorable investment prospects in the real estate market.

  1. The rapid recovery of the Australian housing market

According to data released by Corelogic, an authoritative research institute in Australia, as of May this year, house prices across Australia have risen by more than 10%, with Brisbane leading the way. In the post-epidemic period, the Australian real estate market ushered in a rapid recovery, showing a sharp upward trend.

Australia's most valuable city for investment—Brisbane

In the Australian housing market with a large influx of investors, Brisbane has become the first choice of investors by virtue of the government’s key development plans and the potential for house price appreciation.

  1. Key objects of government construction

It is understood that the Brisbane government will invest 134.2 billion Australian dollars in the future to improve the infrastructure construction in southeast Queensland with Brisbane as the core. At the same time, Brisbane has become the preferred city for the 2032 Olympics. The hosting of the Olympics will attract more people to travel and settle here, drive the economic development of various industries, and promote the continuous rise of housing prices.

Due to the long-term stability of the political situation, the continuous growth of housing prices and abundant educational resources, Brisbane has become the preferred investment place for global asset allocation.

  1. The most popular cities among immigrants in Australia

Recently, Queensland has become the state with the highest number of net inflows of international and intercontinental immigrants in Australia with its lowest housing prices in the three major capital cities of Australia, stable epidemic control capabilities, and the best life experience. The increase in the number of immigrants has caused a boom in property purchases in Queensland.

According to data from SQM Research, in the past 12 months, real estate rents in various districts of Queensland have achieved substantial growth, with the highest rate of increase soaring to 55.2%. At the same time, the housing vacancy rate has fallen to the lowest level since 2012, and the vacancy rate in most rental markets is below 1%.

  1. The real estate market has great investment potential

The Australian real estate appraisal report issued by Westpac Bank pointed out that from 2021 to 2023, Brisbane’s real estate appreciation is expected to reach 20%, making it one of Australia’s most valuable cities for investment.

What is the value of land investment in Australia?

Brisbane is Australia’s most valuable city for investment. If you want to get the best investment benefits in Brisbane, land will be the best choice. As a traditional country of immigrants, Australia’s huge population influx has also driven the continuous demand for land, thus ensuring the long-term preservation of land. Investment in land appreciates faster and more maintains its value, and it only takes 3-5 years to make a profit.

Due to the long-term value preservation of investment land, many overseas investors have shifted their focus of investment to the land market, leading to a rapid increase in land shortage in Queensland. The reason why the land market can show such excellent value-added performance is the good prospects for regional investment and the current situation in which the market is in short supply.

It is reported that Australian land is private property, and once it is transferred to investors after development and sale, it is private property that can be passed on from generation to generation. In other words, if you have a piece of land in Brisbane, it will always be yours, which can be used for self-occupation and rent.

Moreover, unlike the United States, another hot spot for global asset allocation, Australia does not have the trouble of inheritance tax. In Australia, the inheritance tax is set by the federal government separately, and each federal government has abolished the inheritance tax in 1992.

The value of investing in Brisbane land is:


Freehold property rights, tax-free inheritance of property Australian land is a kind of immovable property that can be permanently owned, and can be traded and inherited (no inheritance tax). It is open to global investors and is not restricted by countries, regions and ethnic groups. All procedures for foreigners to purchase and invest in land in Australia are protected by law, which is formal and convenient.


Good anti-inflationary investment in Australian land is an option to diversify assets, and land investment has good anti-inflationary properties. According to the latest data issued by the Valuer-General of the Queensland Government, the value of Brisbane land has risen by an average of 10% in the past year, and the value of Australian land will increase substantially after 2021. Australia’s real estate market is mature and real estate prices have steadily appreciated. The increase in housing prices has ensured that the value of land can grow steadily for a long time.


As the first link in real estate development, land with a low starting point and high return rate can also be said to be the link with the highest profit margin. When buying land in Australia, you only need to pay 10% of the land amount to sign a land purchase contract to obtain land ownership, and you can get the benefits of land appreciation before delivery. Therefore, in the context of the real estate boom, more and more investors are focusing their investment on overseas real estate investment.


Q: Land is scarce and there is a lot of room for value-added. It is reported that the interest rates of major Australian banks are currently at historically low levels, and the rate of increase in housing prices continues to expand. In the next 10 years, the investment value of Australian real estate is more reflected in the appreciation of land. As a non-renewable scarce resource, land is becoming more and more expensive, and the price increase is much higher than the rate of increase in housing prices. Freehold property rights, the second phase of the new launch!

01 Australia Property MAISON project overview
02 Australia Property MAISON
Core selling point
◆In the second phase, new products are scarce, with a larger area and exclusive land for gifting precious woods.
◆Brisbane South Rochedale area, out-of-print rare and rare villa property land
◆Prestigious and wealthy area, high-net-worth living
◆Kochi gathering place, core employment area
◆It is close to the resort Sunshine Coast in the north, and the tourist resort Gold Coast in the south.
◆Adjacent to well-known universities such as the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology
◆Rochedale area land prices increase by 10% annually, high land for investment
03 Australia Property MAISON Project
Overview Product
The project covers a total area of ​​240,000 square meters, a total of 220 freehold land, and is developed in three phases. 130 plots of land in the first phase (sold out), 58 plots of land in the second phase, with an area of ​​300-2155 square meters (new product addition), and 32 plots of land in the third phase.
04 Australia Property MAISON project surrounding

[Transportation facilities around the project]

Brisbane’s three major highways M1, M2, M3-3 minutes
Eight Mile Plains Bus Terminal-4 minutes
Brisbane International Airport-20 minutes
Gold Coast Resort-45 minutes

[Medical institutions around the project]

Sunnybank Private Hospital-10 minutes
QEII Jubilee Hospital-15 minutes
Medicross Rochedale-15 minutes
Wendt Medical Practice Clinic-15 minutes
Garden City Medical Center-15 minutes
[Educational resources around the project]
Griffith University-15 minutes
Queensland University-20 minutes
Queensland University of Technology-18 minutes
Rochedale State School-3 minutes
Redeemer Lutheran College-3 minutes
[Shopping malls around the project]
Brisbane CBD-20 minutes
Rochedale Markets Market-1 minute
Sunnybank Shopping Plaza-5 minutes
Rochedale Commercial Centre (under construction)-5 minutes
Rochedale Shopping Village shopping street-5 minutes
Brisbane’s second largest shopping Central Westfield Garden City-5 minutes
Sunnybank Plaza shopping mall-8 minutes
Sunny Park shopping mall-8 minutes
Brisbane’s third largest shopping mall Carindale Westfield-10 minutes
[Recreation and entertainment facilities around the project]

Adjacent to Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Queensland Art Gallery, State Library, Queensland Museum, etc

05 Australia Property MAISON project real pictures
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