Luxury Landed Villa Package
in Rochedale

Land plus double-storey villa $1.07 million



Only 3 pieces left


$1.07 million



458㎡ | Only 3 pieces left | Land plus double-storey villa $1.07 million

Best place to live: Brisbane South Rochedale district, with pleasant weather in all seasons and abundant sunshine. Brisbane’s three major highways gather. It is adjacent to the resort Sunshine Coast in the north and the Gold Coast in the south. It is surrounded by medical resources and shoppers. Super complete facilities.

Rare earth land: The project is located in Rochedale, a noble and wealthy area in southern Brisbane. The rare freehold villa land has been passed on from generation to generation and is a model of investment value. The project plans 69 freehold single-family villa plots, and you are free to build your dream home.

 Golden location: The government invested 134.2 billion yuan in infrastructure construction in southeast Queensland, covering core areas such as transportation, medical care, education and training, energy and water conservancy, and is the largest infrastructure investment in history. Strong demand: Australia’s third largest city, the population growth rate is the first in Australia, the annual rental growth rate of villas is 12.7%, which is more than twice the average annual increase in the past 5 years, and the vacancy rate is as low as 2.1%. Living in a human area, high-net-worth circle: Nearly 50% of residents have an annual income higher than 50% of Brisbane’s average. The area is dominated by white-collar workers, and there are two major high-tech parks in the surrounding area. Jobs have surged.



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